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Susmit LahaFounder and Chief Bluemancer

Helping businesses & individuals transcend past fast. / Founder and CEO: and / Turning crazy dreams into reality. / Founder and Chief Bluemancer at Bluemance.

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Price: As Low As ₹2999

Plexa Web Services: Website Development

• Website for anything you want. • Priority Service. • Your Custom Email IDs. • Get Basic Hosting Free for 1 year. • Free Basic Maintenance Included too.

Price: As low as ₹999

Plexa Studio

All kinds of logo designing. Click the enquiry, to drop your details, we will get in touch with you in no time.


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Step into a world of possibilities with Bluemance. Welcome aboard! Building TRUST through CARE - that's Bluemance!



400+ websites developed

As a member of PlexaCorp's web development team, we have successfully accomplished a wide range of projects, including eCommerce, informatics, social networks, and many others.


Hundreds of satisfied clients. Click to view

Bluemance has garnered over 500 happy clients (PlexaCorp, Plexa Link, and more) with our exceptional services, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to providing superior services.



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